Visit our store in Aarhus

Visit the taishō shop in shop at Volden 11 in Aarhus C. Our sister brand Seramikku has opened the store Seramikku - Japandi Concept Store , where parts of taishō's poster and frame range can be experienced and purchased.

In the shop you will find a wide selection of posters and frames in A4 and A3 together with other selected posters and frames in different sizes and variants. It is also possible to order Taishō's entire range of both posters and frames for free collection in the store.

We look forward to seeing you in the store.

Sådan får du lige kanter, når du maler vægge

This is how you get straight edges when you paint walls

Guide to how you can ensure nice, straight edges when painting your walls at home. Use our tips on how to get the best result when you start your painting project.
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Sådan indrammer du din plakat

How to frame your poster

Our posters are printed on thick, matte quality paper. The matte surface makes the motif even sharper and prettier - but it also makes it easier for scratches and folds to appear. Therefore, you need to be careful when handling the poster. Follow our step by step guide right here.

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1% for the Planet medlem

1% for the Planet

Since November 2020, we have been donating 1% of our gross sales to the movement 1% for the Planet. That means, that when you shop here, you contribute to the green initiatives.

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How to pronounce taishō

Taishō (対照) is a Japanese word for "contrast" and it is pronounced [tai-sjo]. 

Seramikku (セラミック) comes from the loan word "ceramic" and is pronounced [se-ra-mik-ku] with a rolling r.