Hungry Geisha

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Our most popular poster “Hungry Geisha” is a photographed painting (acrylic on canvas). The poster illustrates an elegant Japanese geisha who, by the help of chopsticks, is eating something as inelegant as a hot dog.

A geisha is a cultural Japanese woman who dedicates her whole life to learning and perfecting different traditional Japanese arts. The word “geisha” is a combination of the characters 芸(gei) and 者(sha) which respectively means “art” and “person”.
  • Printed on 210g matte quality paper
  • Printed with a 12 colour plotter printer which gives an extraordinary colour rendering
  • Available in 4 colour variations and 7 standard sizes
  • Should you want the poster in a color or size outside our standard range, a custom order is possible for a 200 DKK fee - contact us here for special requests