Koinobori (A3)

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Koinobori (鯉のぼり) means ”carp streamer” in Japanese. The flags, shaped as fish, are used in the traditional Children’s day where they symbolize health and strength.

The carps have enough energy and strength to swim against the strong current which is illustrated with the flags that become clearer the stronger the wind blows. Therefore, the koinobori streamers symbolise strength by using the headwind/countercurrent to overcome the challenges and reach the goals.

  • The linocuts are printed by hand and therefore no prints will be the same -  there will be minor differences which makes every single print unique
  • The linocut is printed on 100% handmade cotton paper with ripped edges in A3 format (29,7x42 cm, 110 gram)
  • All prints are individually signed by Ida Holm
  • Please notice the linocuts are sold without frame