Football For A New Tomorrow

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When you buy this poster, all of the profit goes to FANT.

FANT is currently collecting money in order to win a challenge against other teams about collecting as much as possible for FANT towards the European Football Championship in 2021. 

FANT - Football for A New Tomorrow is a humanitarian organisation fighting for the access to sports facilities and -communities for all human beings no matter the sex, age, handicap and origin. They want these communities to create personal and societal change.

You can read more about FANT here.

  • The poster is at first hand drawn analogically and then drawn digitally for the best quality in a scalable vector 
  • Printed on 210g matte quality paper with a 12 colour plotter printer which gives an extraordinary colour rendering
  • Available in 3 colour variations and 7 standard sizes 
  • Should you want the poster in a colour or size outside our standard range, a custom order is possible for a 200 DKK fee - contact us here for special requests