Hent farvelægningsplakater – helt gratis!

Paint your own poster - absolutely free!

Click here to download your free files for printing and coloring.

The motifs are black and white versions of designs from the series "Streger" & "Flater"

Below you can see some of the posters you have colored and sent to us. Feel free to send us your own color versions to info@taisho.dk or tag us on Instagram @holmtaiki or @idaholmc :-)

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Sådan får du lige kanter, når du maler vægge

This is how you get straight edges when you paint walls

Guide to how you can ensure nice, straight edges when painting your walls at home. Use our tips on how to get the best result when you start your painting project.
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Sådan indrammer du din plakat

How to frame your poster

Our posters are printed on thick, matte quality paper. The matte surface makes the motif even sharper and prettier - but it also makes it easier for scratches and folds to appear. Therefore, you need to be careful when handling the poster. Follow our step by step guide right here.

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1% for the Planet medlem

1% for the Planet

Since November 2020, we have been donating 1% of our gross sales to the movement 1% for the Planet. That means, that when you shop here, you contribute to the green initiatives.

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Tankerne bag Koinobori (鯉 の ぼ り)

The Thoughts Behind Koinobori (鯉のぼり)

The explanation behind our popular linoleum print Koinobori. The inspiration is found in Japanese culture, including the holding of Children's Day, where the fish-shaped pennants are raised. The carp is a symbol of strength and health, as it has the strength to swim against strong currents. It thus derives its strength from the adversity it experiences, which it uses to cope with challenges and achieve goals.
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Gratis 'print selv'-julekort til julen 2020

Free printable Christmas cards for Christmas 2020

Christmas is the time of love and hugs - but not quite in the same way this year. We must try to get cosy and feel Christmassy in a different way this year, but it'll surely we worth it. 

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Makeover af campingvogn i Go' Morgen Danmark

Makeover of caravan in Go' Morgen Danmark

Renovation of Inge-Lise and Steen's old caravan in Go' Morgen Danmark. See before/after photos and read our tips on how to transform an old caravan and give it new life.
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geisha malerier og plakater - sulten geisha og klaphat fra Taisho og Ida Holm

The thoughts behind our Geisha posters

Read more about the Japanese geisha and what thoughts we had in connection with the creation of our three geishas
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billedvæg i stuen, plakater

Posters and picture walls in the living room

Furnishing with posters and picture walls in the living room. Inspiration for using posters and colors in the living room above a sofa or in connection with an empty wall. See ways to put together posters in the living room and get tips and tricks on how to build a picture wall with beautiful posters and illustrations.
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DIY-guide til entréreol

DIY hallway built-in shelves

The shelves in this guide are built for our own hallway, but it's easy to adjust the measurements to suit your own. We have for example also built shelves in our bathroom and kitchen in the same way. 

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DIY-guide til udekøkken

DIY guide to outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen makes the cosy summer night on the terrace or in the garden even better. There's something amazing about cooking your food outside - plus you don't need to run in and out of the terrace door.

This guide is for the base of the kitchen with a table top. You can add to the kitchen or insert a gas burner, sink, and water access as you please.

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Indretning med farvede billedrammer

Furnishing with colored picture frames

Decorating with posters on the walls is a popular way to set the mood in the home with your favorite motifs. Regardless of whether it is an entire picture wall in the living room above your sofa or a single picture hanging in the kitchen, you can create a new look in your interior with little means by using colored frames. Colored frames make a big difference to the motif when, in combination with the colors of the poster, they create a unique color expression.
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