At we offer custom made illustrations

(Contact us here or send an email to for requests)

All illustrations are designed by Ida after dialogue with the customer and inspirational images. 

We strive for a high resemblance, but since the illustrations are done by hand a complete rendering is not possible.

The price for an illustration:

  • "Doodle" illustration: 1,250,- DKK (per face)

Additional size fee:

  • A4: 259 DKK
  • A3: 319 DKK
  • 40x50: 399 DKK
  • 50x70: 499 DKK
  • 60x80: 619 DKK
  • 70x100: 799 DKK
  • 100x140: 1,499 DKK

(All prices include VAT, packaging and shipping fees)

Our standard posters in custom made sizes and colours

All of our poster can be purchased in custom made sizes and colours. 
The price of adjustment is 200 DKK