At Taishō and Seramikku, we take pride in offering the best quality possible sustainably. Therefore, we are among other things members of the climate and environmental orgaisation 1% for the Planet. This means, that we donate 1% of our sales to organisations fighting for the sustainable development of our planet. We also support several of the 17 UN goals

3 - Good health and well-being

We support organisations and people who ensure health and well-being, by donating profit from sales of our design posters. It is important for us to support different humanitarian organisations, who help human beings worldwide towards a healthier and more equal life - no matter the gender, age, handicap, health history, or cultural background. We have donated posters - or the profit of custom made posters - to Danish Cancer Society (Relay for Life) and Anja Lovén in the fight for the children accused for being witches in Nigeria. Lately, we have cooperated with Football for A New Tomorrow, who wants to ensure access to organised sports activities and communities for all human beings around the world as well as personal and societal changes for everyone. By using FSC certified wood, we also ensure safety and well-being for the forrest workers.

5 - Gender equality

In order to ensure equality between genders and support women's rights, we offer paid maternity leave for all fulltime employees. In the different levels of the company, the terms of the decision making processes also ensures equality - women are as much part of making decisions here, as men are. We would like to set an example in promoting sustainable development and economic growth. That is not possible without gender equality.

8 - Decent work and economic growth

We take social responsibility and want to help interns and subsidised employees to bring back the feeling of satisfaction in a job. We welcome interns into the company, both in cooperation with education centres and jobcentres. The producer of our posters also employee subsidised employees. We would like to make a change for the individual and push careers in a positive direction.

12 - Responsible consumption and production

At Taishō we've selected materials, production method, and packaging with respect and though of the environment - while maintaining good quality of our products. We want to ensure the best materials and colour quality, and all prints have been designed by us and printed in cooperation with our experienced suppliers in Denmark under proper conditions. For production of our quality paper and frames, we used FSC certified wood sources in order for our customers to purchase our posters with a clean conscience. All prints are produced sustainably when ordered online, in order to avoid surplus stocks and waste. We reused as much packaging as possible and use biodegradable or recycled filling with our orders.

13 - Climate action

We are certain, that all actions towards a greener world is welcome and necessary, but we cannot stand alone. Therefore, we've teamed up with the organisation 1% for the Planet, which means that we donate 1% of our entire gross profit to actions and organisations fighting for nature, environment, and climate. The movement is a global network persisting of thousands of companies, individuals, and organisations working towards a greener future in the following six areas: climate, food, earth, pollution, water, and wildlife. As a member we oblige ourselves to donate 1% of our sales to support different actions within these fields. This means, that when you buy our posters and prints, you automatically support the nonprofit organisations of the movement and contribute to a greener planet.