Frames in 100x140 cm

At taishō you will find a wide selection of 100x140 frames with either real glass or plexiglass. The picture frames are Danish-produced in the highest quality. The frames can be chosen as 100x140 oak frame, 100x140 frame in white or 100x140 frame in black.

The larger frame in either oak, white or black can create a calm, timeless and stylish expression around your poster.

Due to its size, the frame must be delivered with a carrier to protect it as best as possible. For size 100x140 with glass, a fee of NOK +450 is charged for shipping, while 100x140 with Plexiglas or as a canvas, a fee of NOK 150 is added.
Contact us if you want to collect your frame free of charge from our warehouse in Central Jutland or from our store in Aarhus.

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