Entrance makeover of Nail It

(Before and after of the interior design at Nail It's salon. See more images on our Instagram @taisho.dk)

Inspiration for decorating an entrance

Have you been keeping up with our Instagram @taisho.dk, where we've shared moments from the makeover of the entrance of Nail It? The vision of this makeover and interior design was to include a lot of colour and create an atmosphere, that would make the customers feel at home. Read more about tips and tricks, see before and after photos, and follow links to the products in this article.

The thoughts behind our makeover

(Our moodboard for the interior design at Nail It's)

Prior to any interior design task, Ida always creates a moodboard, so that the different parts of the room can be visualised in connection to each other. This is especially a good idea, if you're more than one person working together, because the vision of the project will stay clear to everyone. When building a moodboard, we recommend Adobe Photoshop and Indesign.

The plan for this room was to use multiple colours and painting the walls in a new colour in order to include colourful posters, plants, and trinkets.

The before and after

(Steal the style: Udon #1 poster, lamp from IKEA, table from Søstrene Grene, mug from SERAMIKKU)

A popping colour on the wall can create a new and completely different expression in a room. For this makeover we've decided to go for a blue tone to brighten up the room and make it more lively. The colour is mixed at home, and in this article, you can read our guide on how to tone your paint at home.

On the wall, the poster Udon #1 in the colour beige, which with its toned down shade fits the calm, blue colour on the wall. This poster is in the size 100 x 140 cm with an oak frame from BGA.

(Steal the style: Posters Messy Head and Sunday Morning, hanger from H&M Home)

One of the long sides of the entrance is used for hanging coats. We chose to go with an uncoated coat rack, which had a priming coat and a coat of blue wall paint afterwards. Same procedure as with the mirror, which used to be black. Two coat racks have been used, each 61 cm in length to create a long coat rack with room for many jackets.

The posters on the wall is 'Sunday Morning' in the size 40 x 50 cm and 'Messy Head' in the colour "autumn yellow" in size 50 x 70 cm. Surrounding 'Sunday Morning' is an oak frame, and 'Messy Head' is framed in a pine frame. By choosing an unframed (and often cheaper) frame, you can put your own stamp on it with the colour. This one's been painted with "old rose" coloured paint, which suits the colour palette of the rest of the room. The "old rose" paint is mixed at home, but by following this guide, you can find inspiration for toning your own paint to get a similar colour yourself.

(Steal the style: Carpet from IKEA, brass shelf from House Doctor)

By the entrance of the room, the classic black door mat was replaced with a flat weave natural carpet. On the wall is Udon #1 and a brass shelf with plants and pots from IKEA.

See more pictures from the makeover on Instagram.

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