How to frame your poster

Our posters are printed on thick, matte quality paper. The matte surface makes the motif even sharper and prettier - but it also makes it easier for scratches and folds to appear. Therefore, you need to be careful when handling the poster. 

Attention: If you wish to exchange your poster later on, please save the cardboard wrapping/box that came with the poster. If you send back a round tube, you will be charged a free by GLS.

Step by step (please watch the video for further instruction)

1. Make sure you have a big, clean surface to frame your poster on
2. Take out the poster fro the pipe (remove the cardboard if it's on, and make sure there is not leftover glue or dirt on the pipe)
3. Roll the poster around the pipe - opposite the "natural" curl
4. Make sure the silk paper is on top of the motif - in towards the pipe, when you roll
5. Put the poster, which has been rolled around the pipe, in between two heavy objects and let it sit for 5-10 minutes
6. Remove the back piece and the piece of paper. Save the piece of paper for later!
7. Polish the backside of the glass. Make sure it's completely dry, before you apply the poster
8. Roll out the poster carefully and place it into the frame
9. Add the piece of paper and put it behind the poster - this helps the frame stay put in the frame
10. Attach the back piece - and voila!

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