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(Moodboard with colored frames and Taisho posters at our fair stand at Formland)

Colored picture frames in the interior

Decorating with posters on the walls is a popular way to set the mood in the home with your favorite motifs. Regardless of whether it is an entire picture wall in the living room above your sofa or a single picture hanging in the kitchen, you can create a new expression in your interior with little means by using colored frames for your posters.

Colored frames make a big difference to the motif when, in combination with the colors of the poster, they create a unique color expression. Below we present some examples of how you can put together posters with colored frames.

If you want inspiration for building a picture wall, you can follow this guide .

Colored frames with colorful posters

Links to the above posters: Hungry Geisha - Hangover Breakfast - Udon - Roothead

Links to the above frames: Light grey , yellow , red , pink

Find the right color for your frame

Colored picture frames can give your posters a new lease of life if you feel that something new needs to 'happen' on the wall. The expression can change significantly when a color is added to the wall and the familiar decor changes.

Colored posters can be advantageously combined with more neutral and classic frames to give a balanced look (see example at the bottom of the article).

If you don't know where to start, you might want to choose a frame in a color that is represented on your poster. It works quite well if it's not a color that takes up the majority of the poster - an example is the breakfast table above, where the frame is blue, like the little 'note' on the subject.

You can also work in contrasts (more precisely: complementary contrasts). Colors reinforce each other when they are opposites, which is why the pink frame, for example, stands super fine up against the green poster above.

This is how you get the look

The first tip is to find out which posters you want to use and which colors they have. Place your posters physically on the floor or visually online on a mood board. From here you can form an overview of which colors the frames should have to fit in with the expression. You can find all our colored frames here. In addition, you can put your own touch on the color by buying a pine frame, after which you can paint it yourself in the color you want. We have done this, for example, in a makeover, which you can find inspiration in here.

(Link to the above posters: Profile , Sunday Breakfast )

picture wall inspiration taisho posters interior design

The result of the mood board (see above) for our fair stand at Formland)

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