Decorated with posters

We have collected here a selection of some of the fine interior design solutions that our customers have made. You will find inspiration for how posters can be used in everything from the living room to the bathroom. See our selection of posters here.

decorated with posters, taisho, home decor

Udon #2 in 70x100 in fine, old pink shades. The beige color plays super well with light woods such as pine or oak.

decorating the living room with posters, taisho

The Hungry Geisha is a humorous twist in a stylish and Scandinavian home. It is available in four different color versions, and all our posters can also be made in any desired special color for a fee of NOK 200.

decorate the living room with colorful posters, taisho

Udon in the curry color at Maria Mostrup. It gives a good balance to have several elements in the same color shades in the interior - here both cushions, glasses and posters.

this is how you frame the home with posters, taisho

Udon in our largest format 100x140cm. The large posters are a super nice way to bring some warmth and life into homes, where otherwise a little is "missing". An empty room can appear a lot when such a large area of ​​color appears on the wall.

hallway decor, posters from taisho

Udon in white/blue for Boligmagasinet's trend zone for Formland 2020. With the low furniture and low-hanging lamp, you can clearly sense the Japanese inspirations in the decor here, where Udon complements in the finest way.

colorful decor with poster, taisho
Curry-coloured udon highlights the light blue furniture here.

this is how you make a picture wall, colorful wall, taisho, interior design

Hungry Geisha , Sticks and Scoops and Udon 1 and Udon 2 at our retailer Livingshop in Holstebro.

decorate a dull wall with colorful posters, taisho

The day (Evening) gives life and warmth to an or very colorless room here.

colorful poster, hungry geisha, pink poster, taisho

Hungry Geisha in pink at Fly Helsted's fantastic trend zone at Formland 2020. The pink shades fit so beautifully into the sand-colored surroundings.

yellow poster, taisho, decorating with posters in the home

Udon in nice, old pink surroundings. The Udon posters look great in passepartout frames. This A3 frame (A4 hole) was bought in Søstrene Grene, and otherwise BGA also has fine frames.

decorating a bathroom with colorful posters, taisho
curry yellow poster complements the blue tiles so nicely.

dining table, decor, posters, hungry geisha

Hungry Geisha in our largest format 100x140 cm.

this is how you decorate your dining room, poster, hungry geisha, taisho
Hungry Geisha in a very appropriate setting: namely the kitchen. The poster here is obviously kitchen art!

decor in the living room, taisho, poster, blue

In the picture: Udon 1 .

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