Free printable Christmas cards for Christmas 2020

A little gift to you: 2020 Christmas cards

Christmas is the time of love and hugs - but not quite in the same way this year. We must try to get cosy and feel Christmassy in a different way this year, but it'll surely we worth it. Therefore, this year's Christmas cards are also a bit different with its outdoor walks and missing others, but also some extra hugs for the few ones we can hug. 

Print the cards and add them to your Christmas presents, hang them on the fridge, or send them to someone that you miss.

Download the printable cards here.

Speaking of Christmas 2020, we've made a ceramic Advent calendar from SERAMIKKU, where you can get authentic Japanese ceramic surprises every Sunday (value: 1,300 DKK). This Advent calendar will be sold in limited numbers, so hurry up and get it before it's gone. Status: SOLD OUT.

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