Posters and picture walls in the living room

picture wall with taisho posters on white wall with gray sofa
(Steal the style - posters used on the above picture wall:
Morning table at GRØD - Reverse - Root head - Sunday breakfast - Udon #3 - Udon #1 - Thoughts )

Furnishing with posters in the living room

It can be an unmanageable project to select which posters suit a room - including your living room. A good tip is to start by looking around the room and assessing which primary colors apply. For example, if you have a gray sofa and a gray carpet as in the picture above, you can use several colors on the wall. If you have colored furniture, a coffee table book, a painted wall or something else colorful in the room, this can also be a guide for selecting the colors of the posters.

The ideas behind this picture wall above the sofa are that the posters should add more color to the room and the grayish colours. The posters match the calm and muted tones of the sofa cushions to create a 'common thread' in the decor. In addition, more striking colors are added, such as the red picture frame and the blue in the poster Udon #1 .

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taisho picture wall

(Steal the style - posters used on the above picture wall:
Winter morning - Reversed - Roothead - Composite - Breakfast table at GRØD - The day (night) )

Beautiful posters for the living room

A picture wall can be used in any interior, and the living room in particular is a popular room to create a picture wall. Friends and family gather in the living room, which is why it is often a wish to have your favorite motifs and posters hanging here. It is also an obvious way in which you can express your personality, interests and family history.

In terms of interior design, a picture wall can create a unique expression in the living room either hanging above a sofa or on a sad and bare wall. In this article, we give you inspiration for how you can integrate posters in your living room partly in relation to the living room's furniture and partly on the living room's empty walls. Find ideas for compositions of posters and colours, as well as tips and tricks on how to start a 'project picture wall'.

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the settlers house mads and ida taisho picture wall

(Steal the style - posters used on the above picture wall:
The day (morning) - Root head , Hangover breakfast - All about Japan - Udon #3 - Winter morning - Reverse - Hungry Geisha )

Spruce up the living room wall with beautiful poster art

The picture wall above is another example of how you can put together posters that match your style and the existing colors of your home. The same color scale as the rest of the interior has been used, with particular tones of yellow, pink and blue recurring. Colors can therefore, as mentioned, be a method of selecting the right posters for your home.

If there are not many colors in your home, you can advantageously consider one or more colored posters for the wall or make use of a colored picture frame. Conversely, by using the more muted poster colors ( such as retrospect in 'autumn beige' ), you can create a calmer expression if, for example, you already have many colors in the home or only want to have muted colors in the interior. Fortunately, there are no rules, so it's just a matter of getting started :-)

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